Department of Mathematics and Statistics

GE B4 Fulfilled

You have fulfilled a GE Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning course (GE B4 Fulfilled)

  • Placement Criteria Overview
  • Placement Criteria

    Students in who have met one of the following criteria have fulfilled the GE B4 requirement

    Additional math courses may still be required by your major program- see Advising and Majors in STEM below and the Math for My Major page

    Advanced Placement (AP) Test Score:

    • 3 or above: AP Calculus AB or BC
      • Credit for GE B4 Math*
    • 3 or above: AP Statistics
      • Credit for MATH 105 Introduction to Statistics
    • 3 or above: AP Computer Science Principles
      • Credit for GE B4 Math

    *AP Calculus AB/BC score review by the Math Department can determine calculus readiness or credit

    College Transfer Coursework:

    • Completed college course with a grade of C- or better that satisfies the CSU GE Area B4 math/QR requirement

    International Baccalaureate (IB) Test Score:

    • 4 or above on Math Higher Level (HL)

    College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Score:

    • 50 or above in: Calculus, College Algebra, College Algebra-Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, or Trigonometry
  • Advising
    • You have earned college credit for the GE Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning requirement from a transferable math course or AP/IB/CLEP test credit.
    • Review Math for My Major to determine courses for your program. If your major does not specify a GE B4, you have completed graduation requirement.
    • If your major requires a math course that you do not have credit for you, it is likely still required.  Consult with your major advisor for further assistance or course substitution requests.
  • Enrollment Information
    • You are able to enroll in courses that require "GE Math Ready" or "Quantitative Reasoning Ready" as a prerequisite.
    • You will not see a notice in your Student Center related to math placement/quantitative reasoning. View what Chico State has on file to complete your GE B4 credit by logging into your Student Center. Under the "Academic Progress" section, click on Transfer Credit Report to see what course/test credit is being used to satisfy the GE Area B4 requirement. Additionally, when the course is posted, it will clear the relevant requirements in your Degree Progress Report. Note: if a course/test does not reflect in this area, it may still be in the process of posting to your transfer credit report.
    • Per Executive Order 1110, students are required to enroll in GE A2 & B4 courses within their first year (if not already completed).
  • Majors in STEM
    • For STEM (math-intensive) majors, you may still need to complete ALEKS PPL to determine readiness for calculus (or precalculus).
    • The default course to start with in the STEM pathway is MATH 118 Trigonometry. To enroll in a higher-level math course such as MATH 119 Precalculus, MATH 120 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I, or MATH 109 Survey of Calculus, you must either have transferable credit, or complete the ALEKS PPL assessment process to demonstrate readiness.
    • Example: you receive credit for MATH 105 Statistics from an AP Statistics exam to meet the GE B4 Math in General Education. However, you are pursuing Mechanical Engineering (STEM) and MATH 120 Analytical Geometry & Calculus is the first math course required in your major. The completion of MATH 105 Statistics does not determine readiness for MATH 120. Therefore, ALEKS PPL would be used to assess readiness for MATH 120 (or MATH 119 Precalculus).
    • High school experience in trigonometry, math analysis, precalculus, and/or calculus is beneficial for building your math foundation. However, ALEKS PPL will assess your mastery of concepts and provide ways to study and prepare for appropriate course(s) if needed.