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GE Math Ready with Support

You are ready to enroll in a General Education Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning with Support course (GE B4 Ready with Support)

  • Advising
    • Review Math for My Major to determine what course to enroll in your first year. If your major does not specify a GE B4, you will be enrolled into a math course based on schedule and enrollment availability.
    • You are strongly encouraged to brush up with ALEKS PPLprior to the start of your GE B4 Ready with Support course. Studying and completing modules in the summer or winter prior assists with the transition to college-level math courses.
  • Enrollment Information
    • You will be pre-enrolled into a GE B4 Ready with Support course as determined by your major pathway. It is recommended that you attempt this course in your first semester.
    • A proctored ALEKS PPL assessment can be used to boost your placement beyond your initial level. 
    • You will see a "hold" message under the Tasks area of your Student Center (see below). The  reminder will remain on your account until the requirement has been completed. This notice will not prevent you from adding courses however, you are not able to enroll in courses that require "GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Ready" as a prerequisite. After you have completed supported math, you will be able to enroll.
    • Per Executive Order 1110, students are required to enroll in GE A2 & B4 courses within their first year (unless already completed).
  • Majors in STEM
    • You are strongly encouraged to use ALEKS PPL to potentially boost your placement level, practice concepts, and/or prepare for major courses as your program is math-intensive. The more time you dedicate in ALEKS PPL before starting Chico State, the better equipped you will be for course(s).
    • The default course for STEM majors who are GE Math Ready with Support is MATH 116+016L College Algebra with Support (5 units). Upon completion, students would move to MATH 118 Trigonometry (3 units) and then either MATH 119 Precalculus (4 units), MATH 120 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I (4 units), or MATH 109 Survey of Calculus (4 units) depending on course outcomes, major, and math confidence. Using ALEKS PPL to boost placement to "GE B4 Ready" reduces the time to calculus.
    • High school experience in trigonometry, math analysis, precalculus, and/or calculus is beneficial for building your math foundation. However, ALEKS PPL can help prepare, practice, and assess your mastery of concepts.
  • Placement Criteria

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