Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Getting Started

Assess or Prepare with ALEKS PPL

To assess: complete all three steps (1) initial knowledge check (unproctored), (2) study in learning modules (three hour minimum), (3) proctored assessment

To prepare: create an account, take an initial knowledge check, and proceed to study with personalized learning modules and progress checks

Class code for 24-25: CYVET-UP6W3
For new or current students using ALEKS PPL for the first time for 2024-2025

Class code for 23-24: E69MF-PK6Y
For current students who already have an ALEKS PPL account created for 2023-2024

ALEKS PPL Steps 1 & 2

  • Task 1*: Create account

    Class code for 24-25: CYVET-UP6W3

    Class code for 23-24: E69MF-PK6YV

    • Log in using your Chico State and Duo account credentials to create ALEKS PPL account and username (SSO required) 
    • Answer brief survey questions and acknowledge the steps needed to use ALEKS PPL to assess (calculus readiness or boost math placement level)
    • Complete the tools tutorial to familiarize yourself with the online calculator and how to input answers
    • If you have previously had an ALEKS PPL account before and your access expired, contact the Math Department for the new cohort code (ALEKS PPL accounts are valid for a year. ALEKS PPL is a different user name/login than ALEKS accounts used in Chico State courses)

    *If you need accessibility or testing accommodations, do not set up an ALEKS PPL account yet. Go to Accessibility Resource Center. Arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance of taking the ALEKS PPL Assessment.

  • Task 2: Initial knowledge check
    • Answer around 25 questions as best as you can
    • ALEKS PPL is adaptive and determines appropriate questions to attempt based on your responses
    • If you do not know a problem, choose "I Don't Know" allowing further review in study modules
    • Do not use outside materials, including calculators, beyond what is provided on screen in ALEKS PPL. You are more than welcome to use scratch paper to work out solutions
  • Task 3: Study modules
    • Complete a minimum of three hours studying using the prep and learning modules
    • Lessons are personalized, self-paced, and adaptive to the course material you already know
    • Taking time to study, progressing to additional knowledge checks, and demonstrating your mastery of material prepares for your procotored assessment or first year math course
    • If you complete an entire course module (fill the ALEKS pie) notify the First Year Math Coordinator if you would like to advance to the next course module
    • Available course modules: Prep for Beginning Algebra, Prep for Intermediate Algebra, Prep for College Algebra, Prep for Precalulus, Prep for Calculus
    • ALEKS PPL can be used as a study tool and prepare you for first semester courses. You are not required to complete a proctored assessment. However, only a proctored assessment score is valid to boost math placement or meet enrollment prerequisites
  • Task 4: Schedule assessment
    • You must have at least three study hours completed in order to take a proctored assessment
    • Schedule with ProctorU or review and RSVP for a Chico State proctored session (schedule varies)
    • ProctorU costs $10 when scheduled in advance. Additional fees can apply for on demand assessments and/or limited schedule availability.
    • Sessions hosted by Chico State may be in person or Zoom depending on schedule availability and/or student preference and require an RSVP to assess


ALEKS PPL-Calculus