Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Math Club

Math Club meetings/socials are held on a monthly basis, where we generally enjoy food, games, and general good times together. Our events will be advertised through our Instagram and via email.

To join our mailing list or just get in contact with us, email:

Be sure to visit our Facebook page as well!

Math Club Photo
First Math Club Meeting! Fall 2022
2022-2023 Math Club Officers
PresidentAndrea Barnett
Vice PresidentManny Disla
TreasurerCitlalli Fernandez
SecretaryJames Cureton
PublicistCourtney Steinmann
CNS Student Council RepPablo Curiel
Social MediaDrew Rodriguez
HistorianMatt Ramirez

Dr. Thomas Mattman

Dr. LaDawn Haws

Dr. Steve Strand