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Math Learning Lab (MLL)

Have a great summer break!

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Fall 2023 Schedule: TBD (Google Sheet)

Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm and Friday 10am-2pm

Located on the 4th floor of Meriam Library (MLIB)

ECC Student Success Center (ESSC) (O'Connell, Room 246)- MATH 260 focused

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How to use the Math Learning Lab

  • Sign in at the front desk of the Math Learning Lab or ESSC
  • Join a table for your course
  • With a tutor to help guide you, work on homework and practice math concepts
  • Bring your notes, calculator, textbooks or course materials, and laptop (if using an online learning system such as ALEKS, Pearson, or MyStatLab)
  • Movable whiteboards are available in the lab along with supplies.

Meet the Math Learning Lab Tutors for Spring 2023


Math Learning Lab Tutor Jon

MATH 116, 118, 119, 120, 121, 220, 260, 360

Major: Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics

Math classes can be tough for various reasons depending on a person's background and capabilities. You should know that you can do it and that there are many resources available to aid you in your success. My goal as a tutor is to facilitate a positive environment for studying and learning, instill an appreciation for the class, and to help others improve their approach to learning.


Math Learning Lab Tutor Angelina

MATH 031, 116, 118, 120, 121, 217

Hello, my name is Angelina. I am studying Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering at Chico State. I plan on hopefully going into a career in cybersecurity or robotics. I enjoy helping individuals in STEM-based subjects. 


Math Learning Lab Tutor Zoe

MATH 105, 107, 108

I am a math education major that transferred to Chico State from Butte Community College. In their free time, they enjoy making art, playing video games, and baking. I worked as a statistics tutor at Butte Community College and with the Student Learning Center at Chico State, and this is their second semester solely working at the Math Learning Lab.


Math Learning Lab Tutor Pablo

MATH 116, 118, 119, 120, 121, 220, 260, 360

I am an Applied Mathematics major. After graduating, I plan to attend a Masters program in Computer Science. 


Math Learning Lab Tutor Carly

MATH 107

I am a first-year business marketing major. I am available to help all Finite Math for Business students (MATH 107) for the Spring semester of 2023. I am excited to be a part of the University and make a difference for my peers!


James Cureton Math Learning Lab Tutor

MATH 305, 333, 330W, 342, 350

I am a Math Education major finishing my senior year. I plan on going into a hybrid Masters and teaching credential program. I look forward to pushing young mathematicians to be creative and foster a safe and open learning environment.


Math Learning Lab Tutor Ava

MATH 110, 210, 310

I am a third year here at Chico State majoring in Liberal Studies with a minor in math education! From a young age, I have always known I would some day be a teacher. I love helping students gain a deeper understanding of math and hopefully growing their love for it as well!


 Samuel Richards Math Learning Lab Tutor

MATH 107

Hi, I'm a first year Business major at Chico State. I plan on completing my business degree with my option in Marketing and then going on to complete my pilot license to hopefully fly commercial in the future. I will be helping tutor Math 107 both in the lab and in the classroom.


Math Learning Lab Tutor Emilio

MATH 118, 119, 217

Hello, I'm a second year Computer Science major at Chico State. I can currently help with math up to 119 and have taken 217. If you need any help with some coding for either CSCI 111 or 211 I'd be happy to try and help out a bit.


Math Learning Lab Tutor Elliot

MATH 031, 101, 105, 116, 118, 119, 235

Hi! I am studying math education in my third year at Chico State. I plan on becoming a high school math teacher after I graduate. 


Math Learning Lab Tutor Suneetha

MATH 118, 119

My name is Suneetha Tadi. I am from India and came to Chico State to pursue an MS in Computer Science after working as a software developer for a year. As a tutor, I will assist your understanding of Math 118 and Math 119 and the learning process.

Student Learning Center

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Meet the subject tutors in the Student Learning Center (SLC) who also help staff the Math Learning Lab!

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MLL Tutor Role
It is not the role of a tutor to give answers. Instead, tutors help teach skills in math that can be applied to assignments, class, studying, and preparing for exams. While the MLL tutors cannot guarantee that they can help with every problem, they will certainly try!