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Do You Need ALEKS PPL?

Determine if you need ALEKS PPL by reviewing the information below.

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  • Who takes the ALEKS PPL assessment?

    The following math-intensive majors all require the ALEKS PPL assessment to determine readiness for calculus or precalculus:

    Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics


    Biology (consult major advisor)


    Computer Information Systems

    Computer Science

    Concrete Industry Management

    Construction Management

    Engineering – Civil

    Engineering – Computer

    Engineering – Electrical/Electronic

    Engineering – Mechanical

    Engineering – Mechatronic

    Environmental Science




    Natural Sciences



    Students in majors who want to boost their math placement from "GE Math Ready with Support- Early Start Recommended" or "Supported GE course- Early Start Required" to being "GE Math Ready".

  • Are you eligible for ALEKS PPL?
    Register for ALEKS PPL if:
    • You are in a STEM major and plan to take Calculus I (Math 109 or Math 120) or Precalculus (MATH 119) in your first year.
    • You are an incoming first year student who wants to improve your math placement level for GE Math regardless of your major.

    • ALEKS PPL can be used to boost math placement for students in "GE Math Ready with Support- Early Start Recommended" or "Supported GE course- Early Start Required" placement levels.
    • You have not met any of the EXEMPTION criteria below.
  • Are you exempt from the ALEKS PPL assessment?
    You do not need to complete ALEKS PPL if you meet any ONE of the following:
    • You are in a STEM major and have scored 3 or higher on an AP Calculus exam (official scores must be sent to Chico State)
    • You are in a STEM major and have scored 4 or higher in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Math HL exam (official scores must be sent to Chico State)
    • You are in a STEM major and have earned college credit for calculus (Math 109 or 120 equivalents), precalculus (Math 119 or equivalent), or college algebra and trigonometry (Math 116 and 118 or equivalents) with a C- or higher
    • You are in a non-STEM major with a math placement level of "GE Math Ready"
    • You are a non-STEM major and have completed a General Education college-level math (GE Area B4) course with a C- or higher.
  • Do you have to be a Chico State student to start ALEKS PPL?

    Since your ALEKS PPL code and score will only be used at Chico State, you should submit your intent to enroll to commit to Chico before starting. The intent-to-enroll deadline is May 1st (extended to June 1, 2022). ALEKS PPL is used at many campuses but is not shared between schools. 

  • What ALEKS PPL score do you need?

     aleks score chart

  • When should you plan to be finished with ALEKS PPL?

    If you intend to be a Wildcat, the sooner you start, the more time you have to study, prepare, and practice before your proctored assessment. Aim for completing all three steps of ALEKS PPL by June 10.

    Your first chance to register for Fall 2022 courses happens at Summer Orientation (sessions held in June and July). You should complete the ALEKS PPL proctored assessment prior to your orientation session for priority MATH enrollment and course schedule options. The more time that you can dedicate in the coming months to utilizing the individualized learning modules in ALEKS PPL, the more likely you can increase your placement for MATH and move further in the MATH sequence for your major. This is especially important for majors that require coursework beyond MATH 120 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I.

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