Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Developmental Math

The California State University system has revised its assessment of academic preparation and placement in first year General Education Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning courses with Executive Order 1110. Beginning Fall 2018, placement is determined not only on multiple measures of academic proficiency (SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Smarter Balanced Assessment/Early Assessment scores, high school coursework, high school GPA and math GPA), but is also dependent on major academic plan.

The CSU is committed to providing students an equitable opportunity to succeed academically at the university and to providing rigorous instruction in GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. Successful completion of mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses in the first year of enrollment establishes a foundation for continuous learning.  Freshmen in need of additional academic development are supported in the Early Start Program and in supported college-level credit-bearing courses.



Pamela Morrell

Graduate, Outreach & Developmental Math Coordinator
Holt 142
(530) 898-3487