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GE Math Placement

Program Overview

The CSU is committed to providing students an equitable opportunity to succeed academically at the university and to providing rigorous instruction in GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. Successful completion of mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses in the first year of enrollment establishes a foundation for continuous learning. 

First-time Freshmen Fall 2019

The CSU has made many changes to their developmental education policy for admitted students.  Placement tests are no longer offered in Math and English. Placement is now based upon grades in high school or college, ACT and SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) scores, and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores. Students may place into college level math courses on their own or in supported college-level credit-bearing courses.  Some students may also be required to enroll in the summer Early Start Program prior to their first fall semester. 

Most students follow one of four Quantitative Reasoning sequences: 1) STEM or math intensive majors, 2) Business, 3) Statistics, or 4) Liberal Studies (elementary school teaching).  Students' first math course will depend upon the chosen major.

Program Resources

The Developmental Math Coordinator helps students:

  • Understand the requirements.
  • Choose and register in the appropriate math sequence.
  • Improve communications with professors.
  • Improve time management, study and test taking skills.
  • Connect to other campus resources.
  • Learn to manage outside pressures to feel motivated and empowered.
Math Co-requisite Course Schedule
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Pamela Morrell

Graduate & Developmental Math Coordinator
HOLT 142