Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Study for the Proctored Assessment


This guide explains the basics of ALEKS assessments.  Remember, this is not a test like the SAT and ACT which are aptitude exams.  ALEKS assessments help place you into the course that best fits you.  It is an adaptive assessment and learning program that provides individualized learning in an open-response environment. 

When to Assess

First year freshmen should take the ALEKS PPL Assessment prior to to their Summer Orientation date.  Your ALEKS PPL access is available for up to one year, so if you are not happy with your placement, you may continue to work in the Preparation and Learning Module and re-assess for a total of five times (three proctored and two not proctored) to try to improve your placement. 

Only the first subscription is free. Subsequent subscriptions will incur a fee (currently $20).  

The prescribed math course must be started in your first semester or future registration may be delayed.

What's Covered in the Assessments (PDF)

Placement Results
Course #Course NameScore Range
MATH 109 or 120Calculus I

76 - 100

MATH 119Pre-calculus

61 - 75

MATH 101, 105, 107, 110 or 118varies by major

46 - 60

MATH 051Foundational Mathematics B and GE Math

30 - 45

MATH 031Foundational Mathematics A and GE Science

0 - 29