Multicultural and Gender Studies

Cecily Nelson-Alford

Cecily Nelson-Alford graduated from Chico State in 2011 with a B.A. in Multicultural & Gender Studies and continued her education by attending graduate school at San Diego State. There, Cecily graduated with an MA in Student Affairs and later worked as a Graduate Assistant in UC San Diego. Cecily would go on to become the Assistant Director of the Women's Center at UC San Diego. 

Returning to Northern California, Cecily now works as the Director of Women's Resources and Research Center at UC Davis

Cecily gives credit to her studies here at Chico State, writing that, "my MCGS degree was obviously key in helping me have the language and ability to understand identity, privilege, and oppression." She went on to write that understanding theoretical teachings was important, but the ability to apply the feminist principles in her current position is pivotal to the Women's Resources and Research Center. 

"Having an understanding of gender equity work through the classes I took, as well as the ability to engage in tough conversations around social justice with my peers", Cecily says, "has made all the difference."

Portrait of Cecily Nelson-Alford

"I wanted to share an update about where I'm at professionally because I think it might help current and future undergrads think about their career path"

-Cecily told us via email