Multicultural and Gender Studies

Molly Heck

Lecturer of Multicultural & Gender Studies
Lecturer of Social Work

Molly Heck is a lecturer for CSU, Chico for the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies as well as the School of Social Work. She teaches a variety of courses in Women’s Studies, Multicultural & Gender Studies as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in Social Work. She is on the Advisory Board for a campus based activist organization, the Associated Students Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. She has taught for Oregon State University in their online Women’s Studies Program and has been a consultant for CSU, Chico as well as the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence including grant writing and curriculum development for statewide training and technical assistance regarding best practices and organizational change. 

Molly received her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and her Master of Social Work, both from CSU, Chico. She also attended the inaugural Diversity Academy at CSU, Chico in 2009 and was a fellow in the Sierra Health Foundation’s Health Leadership program in 2007.

Her areas of research interest include violence against women, gender based violence, social justice, community organizing and activism related to race, class, gender and sexuality, student service learning and civic engagement, feminist pedagogy, and leadership.

For 12 years, Molly was the Associate Director at Catalyst Domestic Violence Services, a local non profit organization service people who are victimized by intimate partner violence. At Catalyst she was  responsible for the development and implementation of Catalyst’s intervention, education and outreach programs. She was successful in helping the agency receive over $1 million in grant funds and served as a co-chair of the fundraising committee. She was a key member of the administration team that developed a 3.2 million dollar housing facility and entered into relationships with local law enforcement and child welfare agencies. She provided training and staff development on a variety of topics, including trauma informed service delivery, cultural humility and the impacts of race, class, gender and sexuality on service delivery.

In the social services and activist fields, she believes that consistent and effective supervision for staff is an important component of building a strong and competent team. She works to ensure that Catalyst as an agency is healthy and uses trauma informed approaches at all levels of the organization.  This includes training and capacity building for her organization regarding trauma informed care, strategies to effectively engage people in supportive services voluntarily, and the development of healthy organizational culture.

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Spring 2022 Classes
  • MCGS/CHLX/WMST 458: Leading Social Change 
  • MCGS 389 - Informed Activism & Internship