Multicultural and Gender Studies

Career Options

What potential jobs or careers come out of a CHLX Major?

We focus on critical thinking/analysis, communication, and problem solving; therefore, most students coming out of the Multicultural & Gender Studies department find they fit well in leadership positions, working for non-profit organizations or in government or agencies that serve minority communities.  

  • With our one-on-one holistic advising, we can help you explore how to contribute to a cause or address an issue that is important to you. For instance, if you care about immigration, you can join an agency that provides services to migrant workers, get an internship as a congressional aide, or do community organizing to empower immigrant groups, and so on. 

  • About half of the CHLX students are double-majoring and so already know they want to go into a particular field, for instance working as a counselor, health care professional, entrepreneur, social worker, consultant in law and policy, or museum curator. Other great jobs are: 

    • University Professor 

    • Community Organizer 

    • City Manager 

    • Attorney 

    • Office Manager 

    • Medical Administrator 

    • Conference and Event Planner 

    • Associate Director of Health Services 

    • Education Coordinator 

    • Political Strategist  

    • Campaign Organizer 

    • Recruiting Specialist