Multicultural and Gender Studies

3rd Annual Women of Wisdom

Friday, Mar. 1, 2019, 4–8 p.m.
BMU Auditorium


Women of Wisdom is a unique evening at Chico State focusing on honoring the traditions, philosophies, and wisdom of the Native American community in the North State. Women of Wisdom highlights the contributions by, and value of, Native American women by focusing on their storytelling oratory. Through this event, Chico State hopes to foster a greater appreciation for the wisdom of our local Tribal communities with a key focus on women's experiences.


Elizabeth Lara-O'Rourke

Descendant of the Huba, Yurok, and Chilula tribes of Northwestern California, Elizabeth Lara-O'Rourke lived in Humboldt County her whole life and currently resides in McKinleyville. Married and with four children, this storyteller draws inspiration from life lessons as well as from her family. Having been raised in a very traditional family, her stories reflect the values of an ancient world while incorporating ideals of the modern world. Her stories are hailed for their humor and charm.

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