Multicultural and Gender Studies

Past Award Recipients

Students in the Chico State community are already incredible, so why don't we show them some love? The students shown here are exemplary examples (say that ten times!) of the Wildcat spirit while maintaining diversity and activism as priorities. Here at the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, we believe that student work is pivotal in the department as it not only serves to fulfill requirements, but allows students to approach passions and gain hands-on experience in areas of study they would like to pursue after Chico State. As President Gayle Hutchinson says, "Together we will", although we would like to take that a step further:

Together we will embody, instill, promote, and celebrate diversity. Diversity begins with you. Diversity begins here.

Ruby Ferguson

Ruby Image

Change the World Award Recipient 2019

Ruby Ferguson was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA. She came to Chico State in Fall 2015. After learning about mass incarceration and institutionalized racism, her passion for social justice informed her shift of academic goals. As a current double major in Multicultural & Gender Studies and Psychology, Ruby has used her time at Chico State to be an activist and advocate. She strives to never stay silent and use her voice to address injustice. Post graduation, Ruby plans on working in the Bay Area to uplift her community and work towards correcting the historical criminalization of marginalized people.

Mikie Weidman

mikie image

Richard Merritt Duncan Award Winner 2019

Mikaela (Mikie) Weidman is a bisexual feminist from the Bay Area who is currently doubling majoring in Psychology and Women's Studies with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies at California State University, Chico. She is a compassionate student advocate, currently working at the Chico State's Gender and Sexuality Equity Coalition as the Women's Program Coordinator and a student activist for Students for Quality Education.

Samuel Akinwande

sam image

Outstanding Student Award 2019

Samuel Akinwande, a senior at Chico State, is a double major in Social Work and Multicultural & Gender Studies. He was born in Nigeria, West Africa but has been living in the United States for 13 years. His favorite hobbies include sleeping, cooking, playing soccer and learning about the cultures of others. The world of diversity and social justice is a passion of his. He hopes to work with at risk youths to help empower and motivate them to dream beyond the status quo set for them and develop programs to help reduce juvenile recidivism. 

Maeve O'Brien

Outstanding Student Award 2019

Maeve O'Brien is a graduating senior double majoring in Multicultural & Gender Studies and Social Science. Maeve works at the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center, Safe Place and is a student ambassador for MCGS. After graduation, she plans on moving to Ireland and working for a non-profit. The MCGS department has truly shaped her passion for social justice and opened her future to incredible opportunities.

adela gutierrez-diaz

adela gutierrez

Louis Goldblatt Award for Social Change Winner 2019

adela is a first generation queer chicanx student studying Political Science at Chico State. They have works in a myriad of grassroots organizations for a variety of causes they hold dear to their heart. Their latest work is surrounding the statewide "No Harm, Disarm" campaign led by Students for Quality Education meant to bring awareness of social and institutional issues that affects students of color, and primarily Black students in the CSU system. They hope to continue their work in grassroots organizing and politics to set precedent for a better future for others. 

Kimani Davis II

kimani davis photo

Campus Advocate and Mentor

Kimani Davis C, graduating MCGS senior, was featured in Chico State Today for his work as a campus advocate and mentor. Kimani Davis II is a student coordinator for The Men of CHICO (Culture, Honor, Integrity, Courage, Opportunity), an intern Safe Place, where he and fellow student started  “Bro Talks” which addressing male audiences about sexual violence, sexual assault, and consent.

To read the full article on Kimani Davis II and his involvement on campus click here

Seve Christian
Seve graduated in Spring 2018 with BA's in Religous Studies & Multicultural and Gender Studies and a minor in Native American Studies. He was the 2018 recipient of the Change the World Award. Seve also worked as the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center's Trans Program Coordinator
Sabrina Grislis
Sabrina Graduating
Sabrina was the 2018 Multicultural & Gender Studies Outstanding Student Award recipient.
Rachel Ward
Rachel graduating
Rachel was the recipient for the 2018 Multicultural & Gender Studies Change the World Award. Rachel also worked as the GSEC director.