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Meet your 2019-2020 Student Ambassadors!

Every year the College of Behavioral Sciences and the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies selects students to represent and give voice to the departments. So who are your 2019-2020 Student Ambassadors?

Kimberly "Kimmie" Gomez
Kimmie Gomez

Kimberly "Kimmie" Gomez is a fifth year student at Chico State double majoring in Women's Studies and Psychology and double minoring in Women's Studies and Multicultural Studies. Kimmie works for the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) and Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities (SCRR). She is an intern with Safe Place, a board member for the Student Advisory Board on Campus Climate, and an ambassador for the MCGS Department. "The MCGS courses I took prior to majoring/minoring demonstrated that learning comes from not only inside the classrooms, but by experiencing the world," Kimberly says, "I'm thankful to everyone in the MCGS department who encouraged me to flourish." 

Cassandra Arechiga
cassandra arechiga
Cassandra Arechiga is completing her final year double majoring in Psychology and Women’s Studies with a minor in Gender and Sexuality. Cassandra has been involved in several organizations/positions including; Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO), CAVE, Residential Advisor (RA), NASPA Student Affairs Admin in Higher Education, and the office of Student Life and Leadership (SLL). Cassandra is currently a paraprofessional at the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) and an MCGS Ambassador. “The MCGS Department and its courses have offered me healing through empowerment," she states, "I’m excited to further develop my relationships with MCGS faculty/staff!”. Cassandra hopes to highlight Mental Health and Feminism for Students of Color here at Chico State through these opportunities.
Leslie Dunn

A Multicultural and Gender Studies Major with a Women’s Studies Minor, Leslie Dunn is a third time re-entry transfer student returning to college after a sixteen year hiatus. Honored and privileged  to be nominated and accepted to the ambassadorship program, she is delighted to be on campus, and is representative of the elder generation as part of the demographic diversity embraced at Chico State. In her senior year, Leslie looks forward to participating with her ambassador cohorts. She plans to pursue a Masters degree in Conflict Negotiation and Resolution after graduation Leslie hopes to enter the field of mediation, advocating for women and children.

Sawyer McAvoy
Sawyer McAvoy, (He/Him) currently a senior at Chico State. Majoring in Sociology as well as Multicultural and Gender studies, with a minor in Sexual Diversity studies maintaining a focus in gender and sexuality. Sawyer is an Ambassador for the MCGS department, as well as the Trans Program Coordinator at the GSEC. His passion focuses on Trans* resources, rights, visibility, non-binary and inclusivity on campus.
Amanda Haydock
Amanda Haydock Ambassador 2018- 2019

Amanda is currently a senior here at Chico. Although originally  majoring in legal studies, they recently switched to Women’s Studies while minoring in Health Promotion. "Switching over has been such an amazing decision for me. The MCGS department has provided me with so many opportunities as well as it has helped me find my voice." They are currently an active member in the social sorority Alpha Gamma Delta as well as a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success and the Golden Key International Honour Society. Amanda hopes to work in Women’s Health and to continue to advocate for equity for all women.

Frankie Medrano
Frankie Medrano 2018-2019 Ambassador
Frankie Medrano is a third year student here at Chico State majoring in Multicultural and Gender Studies, and minoring in American Indian studies. Frankie is a student Ambassador for the MCGS Department and an intern in the Tribal Relations office. "The MCGS department created an atmosphere at Chico state that made me feel welcomed," Frankie says "I am proud to represent my Native American (Maidu) heritage here on campus, and it's a beautiful thing knowing that the MCGS department has my back guiding me through this educational journey".
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