Multicultural and Gender Studies

Internship Requirement for Majors & Minors

The Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies is strongly committed to helping students become responsible and responsive citizens of their communities, countries, and world.

Given that rigorous academic learning is most effective when linked with community work, MCGS students put to use what they've learned about diversity and social justice in three-unit service/activism internships.

Students may do their internship fieldwork (120-135 hours, depending on the type of internship) in such campus organizations as the Gender and Sexuality Equity Coalition (GSEC)Community Legal Information Center (CLIC), Campus Wellness Center, Cross Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC), Office of Diversity, and Safe Place.

There are also many off-campus sites, such as high school mentoring programs, Planned Parenthood, Rape Crisis, Catalyst, Four-Winds Charter School, and The League of Women Voters.

These internships are letter-graded and thus require close work with a faculty advisor/supervisor and written research/reflection papers.

For advising and to enroll, students must meet with the MCGS Internship Coordinator, Molly Heck(opens in new window).