Multicultural and Gender Studies

Student Achievements

Students in the Chico State community are already incredible, so why don't we show them some love? The students shown here are exemplary examples (say that ten times!) of the Wildcat spirit while maintaining diversity and activism as priorities. Here at the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, we believe that student work is pivotal in the department as it not only serves to fulfill requirements, but allows students to approach passions and gain hands-on experience in areas of study they would like to pursue after Chico State. As President Gayle Hutchinson says, "Together we will", although we would like to take that a step further:

Together we will embody, instill, promote, and celebrate diversity. Diversity begins with you. Diversity begins here.

Seve Christian

Seve graduated in Spring 2018 with BA's in Religous Studies & Multicultural and Gender Studies and a minor in Native American Studies. He was the 2018 recipient of the Change the World Award. Seve also worked as the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center's Trans Program Coordinator

Sabrina Grislis

Sabrina was the 2018 Multicultural & Gender Studies Outstanding Student Award recipient.

Rachel Ward

Rachel was the recipient for the 2018 Multicultural & Gender Studies Change the World Award. Rachel also worked as the GSEC director.