Multicultural and Gender Studies


Frequently Asked Questions for CHLX

What are the requirements for the CHLX Major?
CHLX is a fairly low-unit degree plan, requiring only 45-46 units for the major itself. Some courses can double-count for General Education, and several are taught in different departments because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field. You will study immigration and the labor market, gender and sexuality, film, history, and politics; you can choose electives in Spanish, English literature or rhetoric's, art history, and much more. All students complete an internship and participate in a senior research seminar.
What potential jobs or careers come out of a CHLX Major?

We focus on critical thinking/analysis, communication, and problem solving; therefore, most students coming out of the Multicultural & Gender Studies department find they fit well in leadership positions, working for non-profit organizations or in government or agencies that serve minoritycommunities. With our one-on-one holistic advising, we can help you explore how to contribute to a cause or address an issue that is important to you. For instance, if you care about immigration, you can join an agency that provides services to migrant workers, get an internship as a congressional aide, or do community organizing to empower immigrant groups, and so on. About half of the CHLX students are double-majoring and so already know they want to go into a particular field, for instance working as a counselor, health care professional, entrepreneur, social worker, consultant in law and policy, or museum curator. Other great jobs are:

  • University Professor
  • Community Organizer
  • City Manager
  • Attorney
  • Office Manager
  • Medical Administrator
  • Conference & Event Planning
  • Associate Director of Health Services
  • Education Coordinator
  • Political Strategist
  •  Campaign Organizer
  • Recruiting Specialist
What other Majors or Minors match well with the BA in CHLX?
Half or more CHLX majors students are double majoring or take on a couple minors. The CHLX Major includes courses from English, Spanish, Political Science, Art History, and Sociology, making these ideal programs for a Minor or a second Major. Psychology, Social Work, Education, and Nutrition & Food Science also are good areas for a secondary concentration.
How does it feel to be a CHLX Major?
It feels great to be in classes where Latinx students are the majority! I feel empowered to make a difference in the Latinx community, even if that is just correcting stereotypes and language that I hear others use. It’s exciting, thrilling even, to think that if I want to, I can actually be a part of social change. I feel so proud to be Latinx (or: an ally)!
What is rewarding about the CHLX Major for Chicanx/Latinx students?
One major says, “It is so rewarding to find out more about my heritage: all the Latinx history that had beenleft out of textbooks; powerful Chicanx/Latinx short stories and poetry; the Chicano movement that started changing everything from the educational system to treatment of migrant workers!” Another adds, “It’s really fulfilling to finally know the facts about all the contributions and advances made by Latinx communities, despite historic and present injustices.” A third student enthuses, “What makes this so rewarding for me is getting the tools to fight back against Injustice and to uplift Latinx voices!”
Do I have to be an activist if I sign up for this Major?
No, although you will learn about activism and how tobe an ally. Lots of students just want to understand more about the almost majority population in California, to take this knowledge into their field of choice. Plenty of Latinx students just want to learn more about their heritage!
What special opportunities exist for CHLX Majors?
  • All CHLX majors (and minors) will get to complete an internship focused on Latinx advocacy and/or activism, while taking a companion course. The real-life experience in an organization, program or business prepares you more for working after graduation—and makes your resume stand out! And not many majors have an actual internship course, where you get pointers on how to apply your knowledge in practical ways, and you get to share and brainstorm about challenges you face.
  • You will take part in a senior research seminar, completing a project in consultation with a professor; you can apply for Honors in the major, where you get to do a more ambitious project.
  • We have an annual speaker series, as well as co-sponsored events throughout the year that highlight important Latinx people, movements, and events. You can gain a lot of leadership and planning experience by getting involved.
  • Our major is very intersectional, so you will learn about awiderange of Latinx people and communities. We have a commitment to addressing peoples and communities who are marginalized within the Latinx communityand not always included in Chicanx/Latinx courses(e.g. Black, undocumented, LGBT, and more). 
  • Advising in CHLX is very one-on-one and holistic. We care about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.
  • All majors and minors complete an internship focused on advocacy and/or activism, while taking a companion course. The real-life experience in an organization, program or business prepares you more for life after graduation.
  • All students take part in a senior research seminar, completing a project in consultation with a professor.
  • Every semester MCGS hires several of our students to serve as tutors for our classes.
  • Our students are eligible to apply for several awards and scholarships exclusively for MCGS majors and minors.