Multicultural and Gender Studies

Diversity Matters in Every Field!

As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse, learning, understanding and appreciating the diversity surrounding has proven to benefit everyone, no matter the field. Equity by Design [EQxD] is just one example of how implementing social justice, diversity understanding, and inclusion into all fields of study serves all professionals as well as the communities they serve. In June 2019, EQxD invited architects from all over to convene in San Francisco, CA to experience the Intersectionality / Intercultural Intelligence Workshop 2.0. With panelists Helon Bronston, Mani A. Farhadi, Prescott Reaves and Rosa T. Sheng, all large influencers of equitable architecture and design, this workshop opened the floor for education and discussion of interconnected identities and cultural differences in the architectural community.


Equity By Design [EQxD] is a call to action that pushes equity-focused values to establish transparency, education, collaboration and trust in the architectural profession and other allied professions, through the use of various diversity based events, workshops and more. In addition, one of their main goals is to have more diverse representation that mirrors the ever-changing demographics of the profession of architecture.


On June 13, 2019, Equity by Design [EQxD] hosted a workshop about intersectionality and intercultural intelligence, focusing on how understanding both of these theories can help lead to more equitable practices in the field of architecture. There they discussed the theory of intercultural intelligence, helping attendees' understandings of complex cultures and the empathy that stems from getting to know the communities they work amongst beyond race and ethnicity. They also broke down Kimberle Crenshaw's theory of intersectionality, which aims to disrupt bias and acknowledge complex identities and how they affect ourselves and others around us.

With workshops like this and others, including topics like harassment-free workplace culture to Black women's activism and writing the Black experience in architecture, Equity by Design [EQxD] continues to showcase how multicultural and gender studies, social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion is relevant to each and every profession to ensure equity for all!