Media Production Services

Media Production Services

A video created by Media Production Services, a division of Creative Media and Technology (CMT), has selected for a 2016 Creative Excellence Award by the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA). NIRSA supports leaders in collegiate recreation and is composed of 4,500 professionals, students and businesses. Its Creative Excellence Awards aim to recognize NIRSA members' outstanding accomplishments in marketing.

"Water Woman" urges faculty, staff, and students to reduce water use at the campus's Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC) and won first place in audiovisual promotion.

Video Production

Our Video Productions staff produces promotional, educational, and documentary videos for campus. This process includes scriptwriting, video development, videotaping, and editing. Projects include guest lecturers, presentations for classroom instruction and special events, faculty presentations for professional conferences, training videos, presentations for recruitment and showcasing university programs and facilities. We provide duplication services for classroom use including video-to-video, video-to-DVD, and the transfer of international media.

Morgan Schmidt
Meriam Library, Room 006A

Interactive & Motion Graphics Services

Computer Graphics and Animation staff provide the campus community multimedia visualization for education and presentations. We offer full-service animation and effects for concepts that often cannot be videotaped, such as three-dimensional buildings, scientific and engineering visualizations, architectural renderings, and forensic comparison studies. We also create multimedia components such as digital video, audio and learning objects.

Randy Wall
Meriam Library, Room 012A

Streaming Media Services

We stream special events to the campus (site-to-site), and stream campus events to the World Wide Web.