Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing


Mandatory Advising

Each spring semester the MMEM department requires all students to participate in mandatory advising for the following academic year. Using Degree Planner, students must create a report of planned courses showing all required classes and semesters through to graduation. Planned courses must be verified in a student’s Degree Progress Report (DPR) and emailed to a faculty advisor for approval. All reports of planned courses must be submitted before fall registration begins. A hold is placed on an account of any student that does not submit a report of planned courses by the Friday before registration begins.

Three weeks before fall registration begins all MMEM students will receive emails from the department with detailed instructions on how to satisfy mandatory advising requirements.

Please meet with your faculty advisor anytime other than the three week period before registration begins.

Procedures for Mandatory Advising

  1. Log into the student portal and navigate to the student center, under Academics click on Degree Planner.
  2. Use Degree Planner to plan a course of study through to graduation, select GE, technical electives, and major courses.
  3. Once all requirements are selected, from Degree Planner click "Degree Progress Report with Planned Courses".
  4. In the Degree Progress Report, click Collapse All
  5. If there are no red squares to the right of all degree requirements then complete the three bullet points below.
    • Type ctrl+P or right-mouse-click and select print and print to pdf. In Chrome, the bottom half of the page can get cut-off so use ctrl+shift+P or click "Print using system dialog".
    • Return to Degree Planner and click "Degree Planner Report". Click "Print" and save to pdf.
    • Email both pdf documents to you major faculty advisor.
  6. If there are red squares in the collapsed DPR that cannot be resolved or you need help planning courses, go to one of the MMEM advising sessions three weeks before registration begins. A schedule of advising sessions will be available via email from the department.

Additional Information

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