Mandatory Advising

All students whose majors are in the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management must meet with their faculty academic advisor each spring. This includes Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, and Sustainable Manufacturing majors. While not required, it is best for students to meet with their faculty academic advisor in the fall prior to registration for spring classes.

If one does not meet with their faculty academic advisor in the spring prior to the start of registration for the fall, the computerized registration system will not allow one to register for fall classes.


STEP 1 - Check your university email for an announcement regarding advising sessions about three weeks prior to the beginning of the fall registration period. Plan to attend one of the advising sessions. Required advising forms are available in the department office in OCNL 419.

STEP 2 - Plan your remaining semester course schedules to graduation. Use the curriculum flowchart along with your degree progress report and Smart Planner (DPR and Smart Planner, available through Portal) to identify and select your remaining courses, and complete the applicable semester tables on the Mandatory Advising Form.  On the second page, indicate your completed and planned GE course electives with “U.S. Diversity (USD) x1”, “Global Cultures (GC) x1”, and “Writing Intensive (WI)* x2” requirements checked. Select GE courses carefully as there are four diversity and WI requirements (USD x1, GC x1, and WI x2) to be satisfied with four GE courses.

STEP 3 - Attend one of the scheduled advising sessions. You should bring 1) a laptop computer or a printed copy of your “expand all” version of degree progress report and Smart Planner report, 2) the completed Mandatory Advising Form, and 3) a curriculum flowchart for the catalog version (in DPR) that you follow.