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Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing


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List of Courses and Most Recent Syllabus
CourseMost Recent Syllabus

AMAR 160 Manufacturing Processes

AMAR 160 (PDF)

AMAR 260 Material Removal

AMAR 260 (PDF)

AMAR 300 Applied Mathematics and Programming for Advanced Manufacturing

AMAR 300

AMAR 316 Introduction to Plastics

AMAR 316

AMAR 318 Polymer Materials

AMAR 318 (PDF)

AMAR 352W Industrial Safety Management


AMAR 360 Computer-Aided Manufacturing

AMAR 360 (PDF)

AMAR 420 Robotics for Advanced Manufacturing

AMAR 420

AMAR 440AW Capstone Design I


AMAR 440B Capstone Design II


AMAR 451 Quality Management

AMAR 451 (PDF)

AMAR 458 Project Management

AMAR 458 (PDF)

AMAR 460 Robotic Manufacturing Systems

AMAR 460

AMAR 477 Nanoscale Device Manufacturing

AMAR 477

MECA 380 Measurements/Instrumentation

MECA 380 (PDF)

MECH 100 Graphics I

MECH 100 (PDF)

MECH 100L Graphics I Laboratory


MECH 140 Intro to Engineering Design

MECH 140 (PDF)

MECH 200 Graphics II

MECH 200 (PDF)

MECH 210 Materials Science/Engineering

MECH 210 (PDF)

MECH 210L Materials Science/Engineering Laboratory


Elective Courses
CourseMost Recent Syllabus
SMFG 347 Sustainable Polymer CompositesSMFG 347 (PDF)
SMFG 362 Material JoiningSMFG 362 (PDF)
SMFG 370 Plastics Processing and Manufacturingnot offered recently
SMFG 372 Composite Materials and Processingnot offered recently
SMFG 389 Industrial Internshipnot available
SMFG 444 Concurrent Engineeringnot offered recently
SMFG 464 Fluid Metallurgy SMFG 464 (PDF)
SMFG 472 Advanced Compositesnot offered recently
SMFG 474 Polymer Flow Analysisnot offered recently
SMFG 476 Polymer Design and Toolingnot offered recently
SMFG 477 Semiconductor ManufacturingSMFG 477 (PDF)
SMFG 478 Elastomersnot offered recently