Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing


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Partial List of Elective Courses
CourseMost Recent Syllabi
MECH 408 Modeling and SimulationMECH 408 (PDF)
MECH 410 Adv Materials Science & Engr MECH 410 (PDF)
MECH 424 Mechanical Vibrations MECH 424 (PDF)
MECH 430 Nanoscale Science EngineeringMECH 430 (PDF)
MECH 433 Solar Energy Engineering MECH 433 (PDF)
MECH 435 Low Speed Aerodynamics (PDF)MECH 435 (PDF)
MECH 436 Air Pollution Control (PDF)MECH 436 (PDF)
MECA 470 Robotics Engineering (PDF) MECA 470 (PDF)
MECA 486 Motion/Machine Automation (PDF) MECA 486 (PDF)