Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing

Design Experience

The design experience for mechatronic engineers is integrated throughout the curriculum. The courses which include design experiences are:

  • EECE 144 - Logic Design Fundamentals
  • EECE 221 - Processor Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
  • EECE 315 - Electronics I
  • EECE 343 - Computer Interface Circuits
  • EECE 344 - Digital Systems Design
  • MECH 340 - Mechanical Engineering Design
  • MECA 440A - Mechatronic Engineering Design Project I
  • MECA 440B - Mechatronic Engineering Design Project II

At the freshman level, logic networks are designed in EECE 144. At the sophomore level, software design experience teaches students to think logically in developing efficient, structured computer programs in EECE 221. At the junior level, there is an opportunity to learn about safety, failure, reliability, codes and standards, and economic considerations, while carrying out detailed design of mechanical components in MECH 340, and electrical circuits and systems in EECE 315, EECE 343, and EECE 344. In the final senior project (MECA 440A and MECA 440B), students are expected to exercise what they learned throughout the preceding design courses in a final project that includes assembly and testing, as well as the more global aspects of design including product realization, economic factors, environmental issues, and social impact. (For more information go to Capstone Design Program.) Together, these experiences prepare graduates to be successful practitioners with an awareness of the multitude of issues involved.