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Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing

Program Outcomes

Sustainable Manufacturing graduates must have:

a. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science to manufacturing systems.

b. An ability to apply manufacturing concepts in a capstone manufacturing project application.

c. An ability to integrate contemporary computer applications and process automation, including the use of sensors, actuators, and controllers to automate machines and processes.

d. An ability to understand the economic, technical, and societal issues involved in manufacturing.

e. An ability to successfully function as team members in a manufacturing laboratory setting.

f. An ability to communicate technical matters effectively in oral form.

g. An ability to communicate technical matters effectively in written form.

h. An ability to communicate technical matters effectively in graphical form.

i. An ability to demonstrate project management, quality assurance methods, supply chain management.

j. An understanding of the environmental aspects of a manufacturing system through analysis of waste management, energy conservation, and pollution controls.

k. An understanding of the fundamental behavior of materials and the testing techniques used to determine material properties.

l. An understanding of contemporary manufacturing processes, particularly for parts consisting of manufacturing materials.