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Required CoursesMost Recent Syllabi
EECE 135 Algorithms and Programs for Engineers none available
EECE 144 Logic Design Fundamentals none available
EECE 211 Linear Circuits I none available
EECE 211L Linear Circuits Activity none available
EECE 221 Processor Arch and Assembly Lang Programming none available
EECE 311 Linear Circuits II none available
EECE 315 Electronics I none available
EECE 343 Computer Interface Circuits none available
EECE 344 Digital Systems Design none available
MECH 100 Graphics I MECH 100
MECH 100L Graphics I Laboratory MECH 100L
MECH 210 Materials Science/Engineering MECH 210
MECH 320 Dynamics MECH 320
MECH 340 Mechanical Engr Design MECH 340
MECA 380 Measurements/Instrumentation MECA 380
MECA 440A Mechatronic Engr Design Proj I MECA 440A
MECA 440B Mechatronic Engr Design Proj II MECA 440B
MECA 482 Control System Design MECA 482
MECA 486 Motion and Machine Automation MECA 486
SMFG 160 Manufacturing Processes SMFG 160