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Required Courses Most Recent Syllabus
SMFG 160 Manufacturing Processes SMFG 160
SMFG 201 Graphics Applications for Manufacturing SMFG 201
SMFG 211 Materials and Quality Testing SMFG 211
SMFG 216 Introduction to Plastics SMFG 216
SMFG 218 Polymer Materials SMFG 218
SMFG 260 Material Removal SMFG 260
SMFG 350 Industrial Supervision SMFG 350
SMFG 352 Industrial Safety Management SMFG 352
SMFG 360 Computer-Aided Manufacturing SMFG 360
SMFG 386 Manufacturing Automation Systems SMFG 386
SMFG 451 Quality Management SMFG 451
SMFG 458 Project Management SMFG 458
SMFG 468 Capstone: Manufacturing Tooling SMFG 468
SMFG 490 Manufacturing Fundamentals and Practice SMFG 490
MECH 100 Graphics I MECH 100
MECH 100L Graphics I Laboratory MECH 100L
MECH 200 Graphics II MECH 200
Elective Courses
SMFG 362 Material Joining SMFG 362
SMFG 370 Plastics Processing and Manufacturing not offered recently
SMFG 372 Composite Materials and Processing not offered recently
SMFG 389 Industrial Internship not available
SMFG 444 Concurrent Engineering not offered recently
SMFG 464 Fluid Metallurgy SMFG 464
SMFG 472 Advanced Composites not offered recently
SMFG 474 Polymer Flow Analysis not offered recently
SMFG 476 Polymer Design and Tooling not offered recently
SMFG 478 Elastomers not offered recently