Society of Plastics Engineers

The Department sponsors a student chapter of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

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Founded in 1942, the Society of Plastics Engineers has become the recognized medium of communication amongst scientists and engineers engaged in the development, conversion and applications of plastics. It is an international society with a significant number of members residing outside the United States. As stated in Article I of its Constitution, the objective of the Society is " promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics".

What does the student chapter do?

The chapter provides students with the opportunity to explore the material, manufacturing, and product aspects of the plastics and composites industry. It provides exposure to and contact with local plastics manufacturing facilities, participation in team projects, and establishment of relationships with industrial, educational, and professional organizations. The student chapter fosters team work and camaraderie amongst its members and provides a framework for professional development.

SPE Officers 2018-2019
President: Cody McGrew

Vice President: Sean Black


Gavin Laughlin
Secretary: William Browning

Faculty Advisor: Professor Anderson