Department of Music, Theatre and Dance


If you have general advising questions, visit Advising at Chico State.

Majors, minors and

  • options in General Music


Program Coordinator
Musical Theatre BFA  

Matthew T Miller

Office: PAC 213

Musical Theatre BFA

Dance Minor  

Megan G Zollinger

Office: PAC 207

Theatre Arts BA

Theatre Arts Minor

Bill Johnson 

Office: virtual only

Music Education BA

Dr Michelle McConkey

Office: PAC 103 

Recording Arts BA

Pre-Recording Arts

Dann Sargent

Office: PAC 201 

Music Industry BA

Dr Paul Young

Office: PAC 131

Music Minor

General Music BA

Dr Hope Munro

Office: PAC 203

  • Ethnomusicology
  • Music History

Dr Hope Munro

Office: PAC 203

  • Music Composition

David Dvorin

Office: PAC 211

  • Keyboard Performance

Dr Natalya Shkoda

Office: PAC 244

  • Instrumental Performance
  • Jazz Studies

Rocky Winslow

Office: PAC 249

  • Vocal Performance

Dr David Scholz

Office: PAC 138

Mandatory Advising

Advising is critically important to your college career. Our department conducts mandatory advising for all majors and dance minors to help guide students through their Major Plan. Advising is optional for theatre and music minors. 

Here’s how it works: each semester we do group advising, by your option. This advising session takes place three weeks prior to the opening of the next semester’s registration. Failure to complete mandatory advising will result in a hold being placed on your account and you will not be able to register for classes until you fulfill this requirement.

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Undeclared Advising & Major Exploration

A plan change to Undeclared requires Academic Advising.

Success Studio

Shawna Lucas

HFA Advising & Retention Specialist

Apply a year before your anticipated graduation date. Apply to graduate for the semester you will complete all degree requirements and coursework. Commencement is separate from the graduation application. Go here for information on commencement.

Degree Progress Report

If you are trying to graduate in 4 years, pass general education requirements and prerequisite courses, then follow the path recommended in your 4-Year Academic Plan (MAP). Your Degree Progress Report is your countdown to graduation! Graduation Advisors correct errors in Degree Progress Reports, and will ultimately post your degree to your transcript or deny graduation.

Changing your Major

Use the plan change form to change your major. Other useful student forms available.

Independent Study
  • Independent Study 399/499 form (PDF)
  • Save completed 399/499 form as a PDF, rename the file MUSC or THEA, 399 or 499, your name
    • example: THEA 399 Maggie Smith
  • Send the PDF to your instructor for approval.