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BFA Musical Theatre Audition

Chico State Theatre 

BFA Musical Theatre Audition Fall 2024 Freshman and Transfers 

All 2024 incoming BFA Musical Theatre Freshman and Transfers are expected to submit an audition within two weeks of their application to the university. 


Due to our commitment to Equity and Inclusion, Chico State’s Musical Theatre BFA has opted to keep cost down by conducting auditions completely virtually. To simplify the process for students who are auditioning for multiple programs, we have adopted and adapted the College Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria. 


Students will submit their auditions via Please note that this platform requires a small processing fee with application, which can be waived for financial hardship. Auditions may be scheduled on campus without an additional fee. 


Student’s audition should contain four parts. 

  • Introduction (“slate”) 
  • Two Songs 
  • One Monolgue 
  • One Dance Combination 



Please begin with a personal introduction. State your name, where you are from, and one fun fact about yourself. You do not need to introduce your pieces. 



Students should prepare two contrasting pieces; one song and one ballad. Each song should be 60-90 seconds. Students should sing with musical accompaniment, which may be either live or pre-recorded. No “a capella” singing (meaning singing without instrumental accompaniment). Songs should be filmed in a ¾ shot, which means the top of the head to the knees. Music can be from any genre, but at least one should be from the Musical Theatre canon. 



Students are asked to present a 60-90 second contemporary monologue (written after 1900). It should be filmed in a “close-up” shot, which means the top of the head to the chest should be in the frame. 



Students are asked to present 30-60 seconds of dance in whatever discipline they feel most confident. This may include, but is not limited to jazz, ballet, tap, modern, cultural dance styles, hip-hop, lyrical, or contemporary. Video should be filmed in a “full body” shot, taking care to 

keep the student’s entire body in the frame at all times. Dance media can be self- choreographed, but must be a solo video of the student. This can include a show, competition, or other performance so long as student is clearly featured on their own. 


To schedule an on-campus audition, or to ask any questions, please email Musical Theatre Program Coordinator Matthew Teague Miller at 


For more information about Chico State Theatre, read our student handbook here (PDF). 


For more information about the BFA Musical Theatre curriculum, check out the degree infohere.