Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

Transfer Students

Thank you for considering the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance at CSU, Chico. Whether you are transferring from a community college, a UC, another CSU, or from out of state we are sure that you will find our school welcoming and open to all students.

It is our goal to make the transfer process as seamless as possible, and the first step is to make sure that all of the university requirements have been met. Please consult the Admissions website for transfer students. It is also important that you meet with an advisor.

Auditions for Theatre Productions

Program and advisor contact
Music ProgramAdvisorContact Information

General Music option

Music Minor

Hope Munro

Office: PAC 203
Phone: 898-3036 voicemail

Music Education option

Dr Michelle McConkey

Office: PAC 103 
Phone: 898-3036 voicemail

Recording Arts option

Dann Sargent

Book appointment

Office: PAC 201 
Phone: 898-3036 voicemail

Music Industry option

Dr Paul Young

Office: PAC 131
Phone: 898-3036 voicemail

Program and advisor contact
Theatre ProgramAdvisorContact Information

Musical Theatre  option

Matthew T Miller

Office: PAC 213
Phone: 530-898-3036 voicemail

Musical Theatre option

Dance  Minor

Megan G Zollinger

Office: PAC 207
Phone: 530-898-3036 voicemail

Theatre Arts option

Theatre Minor

Bill Johnson

Office: virtual only
Phone: 530-898-3036 voicemail

Specific Areas of Study
Area of StudyFacultyContact Information
Composition StudiesDavid Dvorin
Office: PAC 211
Voicemail: 530-898-3036

Keyboard Studies

Piano Pedagogy Certification

Dr Natalya Shkoda
Office: PAC 244     
Voicemail: 530-898-4043
Music Theory StudiesDr Brad Martin
Office: PAC 233     
Voicemail: 530-898-3036

Instrumental Studies

Jazz Studies

Prof Rocky Winslow
Office: PAC 249  
Voicemail: 530-898-3036

Vocal Studies

Music Minor

Dr David Scholz
Office: PAC 138     
Voicemail: 530-898-6127