Chico State takes home the Outstanding Delegation and Outstanding Position Paper awards at the 2012 national MUN conference!

Chico's State Model United Nations program is a life changing experience for the students who take it. The skill sets learned in the class transcend across disciplinary boundaries and hone talents necessary for any successful future. Students acquire impressive research, writing, debate, speech and diplomatic skills. Students develop a world perspective and an understanding of current events not just from one country's perspective but from those of a wide variety of nations. In our rapidly globalizing world the in-depth understanding of world issues is vital. In the Model United Nations program Chico State competes nationally and is routinely recognized as being in the top 5% of all Universities and Colleges participating. Students gain from the program a scholarly drive and an understanding of how to disseminate and discuss events from a political and human dimension that lasts their entire lives. There is additionally an enduring aspect of continuity to the larger community of past MUN students that provides a linkage many students lack in their individual college experience. The program, combining both an intellectual and social outlet, forms lasting collegiate friendships not only at the University but also within the larger, world-wide academic community.

Nicole MacDougall and Katelyn Phillips at the United Nations General Assembly.