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Department of Music and Theatre

Breathe: Portraits from a Pandemic

Scene 1 & 2 Directed by Megan Glynn Zollinger

Scene 4 Directed by Demondra Martin

Scene 3 & 5 Directed by Matthew Teague Miller

Character List
AllisonDemondra Martin
JerryRaymundo Ballejos
Newscaster/AirlineMawil Mateo
TheoLeif Bramer 
MaxJackson Taitano
KateLlana Greenburg
AdamAli Hoghoughi
DevonCharlie Cave
BillMatt Stone
Young VivianClaire Vandeman
Young CharlesZach Troutman
EnsembleLaura Johnson, Alexis Ong

Trigger Warning:

Please be advised that this play reading contains sexual content, pregnancy loss, racism and death.

Breathe:  Tickets are $5.00 + tax/fees

Streaming begins on October 28th at 12:00 am.

A friendly reminder that patrons can purchase tickets during the streaming dates only.