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Department of Music and Theatre

The Laramie Project

Directed John Crosthwaite

Assistant Directed by Jacob Honnold

Cast Breakdown

Actor 1 - Ryan Matrai

(Stephen Belber, Matt Galloway, Jedadiah Schultz, Andrew Gomez, Russell Henderson Various)

Actor1.A - Matthew Pankin

(Bill McKinney, Fred Phelps, Mormon Spiritual Advisor, Conrad Miller, Sgt Hing, Doc O’Connor,)

Actor 2 - Jamie Wu

(Amanda Gronich, Eileen Engen, Baptist Minister, Trish Stiger, Shadow, Detective Sergeant Rob DeBree)

Actor 3 - Thalia Pearce

(Rebecca Hilliker, Debbie the Waitress, Marge Murray, Rulon Stacey)

Actor 4 - Kyana Hatch

(Leigh Fondakowski, Zackie Salmon, Romaine Patterson, Aaron Kreifels, Tiffany Edwards)

Actor 5 - Casey Schneider

(Andy Paris, Doug Laws, Dr. Cantway, Dennis Shepard, Kerry Drake, Jonas Slonaker)

Actor 6 - Harrie Schaufel

(Moisés Kaufman, Philip Dubois, Stephen Mead Johnson, Murdock Cooper, Jon Peacock, Harry Woods)

Actor 7 - Sofia Gutierrez

(Barbara Pitts, Catherine Connolly, April Silva, Sherry Aanenson, Lucy Thompson)

Actor 8 - Jordy Berretta

(Sherry Johnson, Reggie Flutie, Alison Mears, Various)


Ciara Christian-Berg, Cora Cahill, Talia Rempel, Adam Ruckman (Aaron McKinney) ( Greg Pierotti, Phil LaBrie, Father Roger Schmit, Rulon Stacey, Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney, Matt Mickelson, an additional 17 Characters)

Actor - Alia Jordan 

  • Zubaida Ula

Laramie:  Tickets are $5.00 + tax/fees

Streaming begins on November 11th at 12:00 am

Note from Director

"I am looking to you, the actor, to be a collaborator in this process. The whole theater world has had to adapt suddenly and even though it may feel like a hindrance to rehearse and perform remotely- now is the perfect opportunity for theater artists to experiment with something completely new (necessity being the mother-in law of invention... I think I have that wrong). I am being called your "Director" but that is not how I am approaching this project. I am here to honor the text, serve the story, and lead an ensemble. I look forward to seeing your work. -John Crosthwaite MFA"