Department of Music and Theatre

Regional Auditions, Interviews and Competitions in Theatre

An important part of the mission of the Theatre program at Chico State is to provide special assistance to especially motivated and qualified students in attaining employment and advanced training opportunities in the profession. To that end, the department provides supplemental coaching in the preparation of auditions and interviews to a limited number of students who have achieved certain standards in their careers at Chico State. To be eligible for this coaching, you must have met the following standards:

For NEXT STEP, SRT or similar "summer stock" auditions/interviews

  • Junior status
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5/university and 3.0/major
    • Clear evidence of a significant level of knowledge and skill in area of emphasis as demonstrated in a qualifying audition or portfolio interview.
      1. How many coaching sessions are allowed?

        It would seem that five would be more than sufficient, especially if the student is completing the tasks necessary for each level of preparation.

      2. Who is responsible for the basic blocking of the scene?

        Preparatory work for the scene, including scoring, analysis, skeletal blocking, and ideas about picturization should be the work of the student.

      3. So, I only have to do my five coaching sessions?

        Not true. The "coach" is just that — they are not the director. You do the work outside of coaching sessions.

        Remember, you were nominated for your work in a show where you exhibited exemplary ability. You should continue exemplary work in preparation for this competition.

      4. Who is responsible for the selection of materials?

        That is the sole responsibility of the nominee, not the coach. The coach should and will respond to the selections that you bring with you in initial discussions, which should happen prior to the first coaching session. Once again, you were nominated because your work was exceptional. Begin the process by being exceptional. You should have several choices to discuss with the coach. And, very importantly, you should have a couple partner choices. The selection of your partner is almost the most critical thing you will do. You may select material that is beyond your partner's abilities, and even though they are your best friend and you want to room with them at the festival, they may be the biggest stumbling block you have. You may also choose material that showcases your partner much more than you - also a very bad choice. And please, don't choose your significant other for a partner. The reasons are many.

      5. Who is responsible for securing the rights of my scene selections?

        You are. And if they are not in place by the festival, you don't perform.

      6. What happens when I miss one of the requirements discussed in the "time-line"?

        Coaching ends and you don't get forwarded to the festival.

      7. But what if...?

        Coaching ends and you don't get forwarded to the festival.

  • Senior status with completion of degree before the coming fall semester
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0/university and 3.0/major
    • A record of exceptional contributions to productions in the department season that demonstrate clear promise of an ability to succeed in the profession
    • Clear evidence of an advanced level of knowledge and skill in area of emphasis as demonstrated in a qualifying audition or portfolio interview.
  • Sophomore status
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.0/university and 2.5/major
    • GPA of 2.0 in fall semester previous to festival
    • Carrying no more than one Incomplete
    • Completion of at least 80 percent of Theatre Arts or Musical Theatre lower division core courses
    • Scenes and songs must be selected and cut appropriately
    • Scene partner must be chosen and "on-board"
    • Scenes and songs should have approval of the coach
    • Scenes should be coached a minimum of three times (implying before break)
    • "Coaching" is a session of at least 40 – 45 minutes
    • After the first coaching session, the student must be off-book.

For URTA and similar "graduate school/advanced training program" auditions/interviews

Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival

In addition to the preceding auditions, the department also participates yearly in the American College Theatre Festival by sponsoring students in the Irene Ryan Acting Competition, design presentations, and other activities. Any student may attend the festival and workshops as a spectator. Other students are invited to participate in the competitive events of the festival by outside adjudicators who view our department productions. In addition to the selection criteria used by the ACTF adjudicators, the Theatre Department requires participants to meet the following standards:

  • 3 months prior to the festival

    • NOTE: The only exception to the previous requirement would be shows that are in production in the late fall and may not have announced Ryan candidates. At a minimum, however, those students who are notified late of their nomination must have completed the requirements for the previous section before finals begin and should arrange at least two coaching sessions prior to returning for the spring semester.
  • 2 months prior to the festival

    • Qualifying Presentation

      • Scene should be performance–ready. If the qualifying presentation doesn't satisfy the coaching representatives, the scene is not forwarded to the festival.
    • Showcase Presentation

      • Scene should have been coached at least once since qualifying presentation for notes and feedback.