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Department of Music and Theatre

FAQ's for Fall Semester 2020

Have a successful virtual semester

Standard procedures are being modified to accommodate a virtual semester. There will be a great deal of Wildcat email communication throughout the semester. Places to check for class information on a regular basis:

  • Wildcat email, junk mail, trash bin
  • platforms your instructor has chosen to use for your class
  • This page will be updated throughout the semester.

If the answer to your question is not here, you can email your instructor or the MUTA office. 

Synchronous vs Asynchronous

  • Online Synchronous - Meet in real time at the scheduled meeting days and times.
  • Online Asynchronous - No scheduled meeting days or times, but the student is responsible for completing course work; refer to syllabus.
Add/drop or Change your Major

Follow the link to frequently used forms & pages(opens in new window).

Everything must be submitted via Wildcat email.

Technical Support
  • Plan ahead.
  • Check your Wildcat email
  • Can you access all the common student systems on your portal page?
  • Have all of your platforms for class installed early rather than later.
  • If you need additional assistance, contact ITSS.
Completing Forms

Best practice for Completing Forms.

Everything must be submitted via Wildcat email.

If you need assistance, email Judy Hamamoto(opens in new window) from the MUTA office. 

Jury & Recitals

Forms will be provided by your instructor towards the end of the semester.

Everything must be submitted via Wildcat email.