Department of Music and Theatre

Computer Requirements

The Department of Music and Theatre now requires all entering students to own an Apple laptop computer, peripherals, and software that meets certain minimum standards established by the department. This computer purchase program will enhance the educational goals of all and help in preparing students for success as they enter their professional career.

Requirements by Program

Specific package requirements vary based on a student’s major. Please review the appropriate links below.

  1. Recording Arts majors (PDF) (FAQs)
  2. General Music and Music Industry majors (contact your major advisor for most current requirements)
  3. Theatre majors (please contact your major advisor, M.Miller)

When necessary, contact your major advisor for more details.

Financial Aid Information

Financing the purchase of a laptop package or any additional hardware and software requirements of the major is the responsibility of the individual. Note, however, that many students receiving financial aid are eligible to fund the purchase of this computer with the proceeds of their aid package.

If you are required to purchase a computer and you are unable to afford the purchase out-of-pocket or with your current financial aid award, please contact the Financial Aid Office. If possible, they will increase your Cost of Attendance to include the additional computer expenses and process a new loan for you. You MUST use these loan proceeds to purchase the required computer system.

Important applicable notes:

  • You must have filed a FAFSA to be eligible for loans funds. We will not be able to provide funds without a completed FAFSA.
  • The Financial Aid Office is able to do a one-time budget increase for the purpose of purchasing a computer.
  • There are no special loans designated for the above computer purchase. These loans are the standard Direct Subsidized or Direct Unsubsidized loans. Freshman are eligible for up to $3500/year, sophomores are eligible for up to $4500/year, and junior and seniors are eligible for up to $5500/year.
  • You must maintain all other relevant financial aid eligibility requirements to be eligible for the above funding.
  • If you have additional questions specific to eligibility determination or other financial aid related concerns, you may contact the Financial Aid Office (530-898-6451).

Who is required to purchase?

  • All Department of Music and Theatre Majors.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the department office at 530-898-5152.