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Flentrop Positif Pipe Organ

Flentrop Positif Pipe Organ

Flentrop Positif Pipe Organ

D. A. Flentrop Orgelbouw, Zaandam, Holland

Built in Holland, 1975; Installed in Chico, CA, 1976. Case is made of African mahogany. Natural keys are covered with grenadil wood. Sharp keys are covered with cow bone. The organ is mounted on a matching movable platform.

(Compass: C-g3; 56 notes)
Prestant8vt (30 pipes in facade; notes 1-12 from Holpijp 8vt)
Holpijp8vt (bass/discant*)
Fluit4vt (bass/discant*)
Quint2-2/3vt (discant*)
Terts1-3/5vt (discant*)
 (* divided b/c1 or c1/c#1)
Pedal Information
(Compass: C-d1; 27 notes)
Subbass - 16vtPedaal Koppel
Cymbelster (wind driven bell-star)
Tremulant (doux)
Pitch: a-440
TemperamentWerckmeister III

Stop list prepared by David Rothe, University Organist
For a complete description of this organ by Munetaka Yokota see:
The Historic Organ in America, published by The Westfield Center for Early Keyboard Studies

Friends of the Centennial Organ has purchased the Centennial Organ and is in search of a new home for it.

Centennial Organ

Read the article from Chico ER.(opens in new window)

Built by Munetaka Yokota with assistance from faculty, student and community volunteers during the University Centennial Celebration, 1984-90.

Stop List Centennial Organ information
Hauptwerk (Great)Oberwerk (Swell, enclosed)
Principal (in facade)16ftQuintadena16ft
Octav Principal (facade)8ftPrincipal8ft
Viol di Gamba8ftUnda maris (a-)8ft
Mixtur IV (16' chorus)2ftTertia1-3/5ft
Cymbel III(8' chorus)1-1/3ftQuinta1-1/3ft
Cornet IV (c or cs-)4ftSifflet1ft
Fagott16ftMixtur (Scharf) IV1-1/3ft
Trompete (German)8ftTrompette (French)8ft
Glockenspiel (c-) 16ft4ftVox humana 16ft8ft
Gross Untersatz32ftTremulant
Principal Bass16ft2 Cymbelsterns
Octav Bass8ftCouplers: II/I, II/P, I/P
Octav Bass4ftVogelgesang (Bird song)
Mixture VII (prepared) Wind System: electric blower or
Posaunen Bass16ft5 hand-operated single-fold bellows
Trompeten Bass8ftCompass: Man.: C-g,a3, Ped.: C-f1
Cornet Bass4ftTemperament: Kellner/Bach
Cornet (prepared)2ft

Pitch: a-440

A Brustwerk division of 10-12 stops has been prepared.