Department of Music and Theatre

New Student Audition Schedule

Welcome to California State University, Chico!

We are very excited to have you become part of our dynamic Department of Music and Theatre and wish you great success. There are some very important events/dates that we want to bring to your attention as a music student.

*Please note* - Prior to auditions/exams for any of the categories below, you MUST come to the MUTA office (PAC 106) and fill out and turn in a Placement Test Form

Audition and Placement Schedules:

  • Vocal Audition- First Monday of classes 3-5 PM (Fall and Spring) See below for more information on Studio Voice Audition Procedures. 

  • Choir Audition- First day of Class (Fall and Spring)

  • Theory Placement Exam- Tuesday of the first week of classes at 6 PM. (Fall and Spring) Contact David Dvorin for more information

  • Aural Skills Placement Exam- Friday before the first day of classes from 3:15-4:30 PM. (Fall only) Contact Royce Tevis for more information 

  • Piano Placement Exams and Piano Auditions- First week of Classes Wednesday 2-3 PM PAC 208 (Fall and Spring) Contact Dr. Natalya Shkoda for more information 

  • Percussion Audition- First week of Class Wednesday 4:20-5:50 PM (Fall) Monday 3 -5 PM (Spring) 

  • Brass Audition- First week of Class Wednesday 2-4:10 PM (Fall) and Monday 3-5 PM (Spring) 

  • Woodwind Audition- First week of Class Monday 2-5 PM (Fall) and Monday 3-5 PM (Spring) 

  • String Bass Audition- First week of Class Wednesday 2-4:10 PM (Fall) and Monday 3-5 PM (Spring) 
Additional audition forms and materials

Sign up sheets:

For exams/auditions/interviews will be posted in the department office (PAC 106) one week before classes begin.  Please stop by, or call the office (530-898-5152) if you are out of town, to sign up for an exam/audition/interview time. Make sure you have made the appropriate meeting appointments. You MUST come to the office and complete a Placement Test Form prior to exams/auditions.

*Note:  You are required to take the theory, aural skills, and piano proficiency exam unless you plan to take MUSC 101, MUSC 103, and MUSC 105. These exams are for evaluation and course placement purposes for those with experience.

Ensemble auditions will be held during the week prior to the beginning of the semester and the first week of classes. Check with the appropriate ensemble director and/or the department office for scheduled times.

Studio Voice Audition Procedures:

In order to qualify for studio instruction at CSU, Chico, you will be required to audition for the voice faculty at the beginning of the semester in which you wish to begin your studies. The auditions are generally held on the first Monday in which classes begin from 3-5 PM in PAC 134.

 Contact Dr. David Scholz with any questions at 

 Audition procedure

  1. Vocalization - to determine range, vocal timbre, consistency of vibrato, intonation, etc.
  2. Tonal memory exercises - to determine ability to identify and reproduce notes in a chord, ability to accurately repeat a pattern of notes played on the keyboard.
  3. Sightreading - singers will be asked to sing a series of sightreading examples independent of harmonic accompaniment.
  4. Literature - be prepared to sing a solo - Music majors should choose a selection that is an art song, folk song, or aria from either opera or oratorio literature, Musical Theatre majors should choose a selection from musical theatre repertoire. Bring a copy of the piece you wish to sing as an accompanist will be provided.


Advising is critically important to your college career.  Our department has mandatory advising for all music majors. Mandatory advising helps us make your academic career a successful one by guiding you through your Major Plan each semester.

Here’s how it works: each semester we do group advising, by your Option. This advising session takes place three weeks prior to the opening of the next semester’s registration. Any student that doesn’t receive advising will have a hold placed on their record and you will not be able to register for classes. To lift the hold you will need to meet with your advisor.  The Faculty Advisors for the music majors are:

General Music: Dr. Bradley Martin

Music Education: Dr. Michelle McConkey

Music Industry and Recording Arts: Dr. Bradley Martin