NCATE Accreditation


Use the links on this page to browse and download framework exhibition documents stored in a shared online folder at

I.5.a Documents - Pages from catalogs and other printed documents describing general education, specialty/content studies, and professional studies

  • Files within shared Box Folder:
  • I.5.a.1 Link to Catalog Pages.docx
  • I.5.a.2 EPP Org chart.pdf
  • I.5.a.3 AgSpec Summary.doc
  • I.5.a.4 APE Summary.docx
  • I.5.a.5 Bilingual Summary .docx
  • I.5.a.6 CMSD Summary.doc
  • I.5.a.7 EDAD Summary.docx
  • I.5.a.8 MAinEd Summary.doc
  • I.5.a.9 MSinAgEd Summary.docx
  • I.5.a.10 Multiple Subj Summary.doc
  • I.5.a.11 PPS Summary.pdf
  • I.5.a.12 Single Subj Summary.docx
  • I.5.a.13 SPED Summary.docx

I.5.b Documents - Examples of syllabi for professional education courses

  • Files within shared Box Folder:
  • I.5.b.1 AgSpec Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.2 APE Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.3 Bilingual Syllabus.docx
  • I.5.b.4 CMSD Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.5 ConSPED Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.6 EDAD Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.7 MAinED Syllabus.docx
  • I.5.b.8 MSinAgEd Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.9 Mult Subj Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.10 PPS Syllabus .pdf
  • I.5.b.11 RTR Syllabus .pdf
  • I.5.b.12 Single Subj Syllabus.pdf
  • I.5.b.13 SPED syllabus.pdf

I.5.c Documents - Conceptual framework(s)

  • Files within shared Box Folder:
  • I.5.c.1 Conceptual Framework.pdf
  • I.5.c.2 Proficiencies.pdf

I.5.d Documents - Findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of education professionals (e.g., ASHA, NASM, APA, CACREP)

  • Files within shared Box Folder:
  • I.5.d.1 CMSD 2013 AR Approval .pdf
  • I.5.d.2 CMSD SLP CAA Approval.docx
  • I.5.d.3 PPS NASP Approval.pdf

I.5.e-h Documents - Updated institutional, program, and faculty information

  • Files within shared Box Folder:
  • I.5.e Program Review Status.docx
  • I.5.f CSU Chico Strategic Plan.pdf
  • I.5.g Diversity Action Plan.pdf
  • I.5.h Possibilities Conversations.pdf