NCATE Accreditation


1.4 Exhibits for Standard 1

1.4.a State program review documents and state findings

  • 1.4.a.1 Single Subject-CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.2 Multiple Subject - CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.3 SPED_CTCFeedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.4 Admin - CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.5 Ag Specialist - CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.6 Bilingual -CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.7 CMSD-CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.8 CSUChico.Biennial Report 09-11.doc
  • 1.4.a.9 BiennialReportCTCResponse2011.pdf

1.4.b Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years

  • 1.4.b.1 Fa10-Sp11 TitleII-Traditional.pdf
  • 1.4.b.2 Fa10-Sp11 TitleII-Intern.pdf
  • 1.4.b.3 Fa11-Sp12 TitleII-Traditional.pdf
  • 1.4.b.4 Fa11-Sp12TitleII-Intern.pdf
  • 1.4.b.5 Fa12-Sp13TitleII-Traditional.pdf
  • 1.4.b.6 Fa12-Sp13 TitleII-Intern.pdf

1.4.c Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing candidate learning against professional and state standards as well as proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework

  • 1.4.c.1 Key AssessmentDescriptions.docx
  • 1.4.c.2 Initial Program Rubrics and Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.3 MAinEd Rubrics & Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.4 PPS Rubrics & Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.5 CMSD Rubrics & Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.6 EdAdmin Rubrics & Forms.pdf

1.4.d Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework

  • 1.4.d.1 ProfKeyAssessAlign.docx
  • 1.4.d.2 UnitDataTable.xlsx
  • 1.4.d.3 Exit Initial 13-14.xlsx

1.4.e Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn

  • 1.4.e.1 DispoKeyAssessAligned.doc
  • 1.4.e.2 DispositionFormandRubric.pdf

1.4.f Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates' professional disposition

  • 1.4.f Disposition Data.docx

1.4.g Examples of candidates' assessment and analysis of P-12 student learning

  • 1.4.g ExamplesP-12StudentLearning.docx

1.4.h Examples of candidates' work (e.g., portfolios at different proficiency levels) from programs across the unit

  • 1.4.h.1 Multiple Subject EL PACT Condensed.pdf
  • 1.4.h.2 SingleSubject HSS PACT Condensed.pdf
  • 1.4.h.3 Bilingual PAAID.pdf
  • 1.4.h.4 SPED672 Framing Routine Sample.docx
  • 1.4.h.5 RTR EDTE 664Unit.docx
  • 1.4.h.6 MAinEd- Thesis Project.docx
  • 1.4.h.7 PPS academic intervention ppt.pdf
  • 1.4.h.8 CMSD 632 Experimental Research.pdf
  • 1.4.h.9 EDAD 613 Adequacy Right Now Sample .docx

1.4.i Aggregate data on follow-up studies of graduates

  • 1.4.i CandidateFeedbackYearOut.pdf

1.4.j Aggregate data on employer feedback on graduates

  • 1.4.j.1 Employer FeedbackYearOut .pdf
  • 1.4.j.2 Employer Feedback IAP 2014.pdf

1.4.k Data collected by state and/or national agencies on performance of educator preparation programs and the effectiveness of their graduates in classrooms and schools, including student achievement data, when available

  • 1.4.k Student Learning Data.docx