NCATE Accreditation


3.4  Standard 3 Exhibits

3.4.a Examples across programs of collaborative activities between unit and P-12 schools to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of field experiences and clinical practice, including memoranda of understanding

  • 3.4.a.1 Collaborative Activities.docx
  • 3.4.a.2 CMSD Internship Agreement.docx
  • 3.4.a.3 Contract with Chico Unified.pdf
  • 3.4.a.4 Intern Packet.pdf

3.4.b Aggregate data on candidate placement in field experiences and clinical practice

  • 3.4.b Candidate Placement Data and Demographics.xlsx

3.4.c Criteria for the selection of clinical faculty, which includes both higher education and P–12 school faculty

  • 3.4.c.1 Cooperating Teacher Information Form.pdf
  • 3.4.c.2 Admin approval CT Survey.pdf
  • 3.4.c.3 CT Responsibility MSP.docx
  • 3.4.c.4 CT Responsibility SSP.docx
  • 3.4.c.5 CT Responsibility BSSP.docx
  • 3.4.c.6 CT Responsibility SPED.docx
  • 3.4.c.7 CT Responsibility BMSP.docx
  • 3.4.c.8 CT Responsibility Concurrent.docx
  • 3.4.c.9 Admin SIte Mentor Responsibilities.pdf
  • 3.4.c.10 PT Pool Info Form.doc
  • 3.4.c.11 Supervisor Interview questions.doc

3.4.d Examples of support and evaluation of clinical faculty across programs

  • 3.4.d.1 Support of Clinical Faculty.docx
  • 3.4.d.2 Eval Class Environment.pdf
  • 3.4.d.3 Eval Results Fall 2013.pdf
  • 3.4.d.4 Eval Results Spring 2014.pdf
  • 3.4.d.5 Clinical Faculty Support Example.doc

3.4.e Guidelines/ handbooks on field experiences and clinical practice for candidates, and clinical faculty, including support provided by the unit and opportunities for feedback and reflection

  • 3.4.e Field Experience Handbooks.docx

3.4.f Assessment instruments and scoring guides used for and data collected from field experiences and clinical practice for all programs, including use of technology for teaching and learning (These assessments may be included in program review documents or the exhibits for Standard 1. Cross reference as appropriate.)

  • 3.4.f Assessment Instruments.docx

3.4.g Aggregate data on candidates entering and exiting from clinical practice for all programs (These assessments may be included in program review documents or the exhibits for Standard 1. Cross reference as appropriate.)

  • 3.4.g.1 Aggregated Field Data .docx
  • 3.4.g.2 Exit Survey Field Data.xlsx