NCATE Accreditation


4.4 Exhibits for Standard 4

4.4.a Aggregate data on proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to demonstrate through working with students from diverse groups in classrooms and schools, including impact on student learning

  • 4.4.a.1 Aggregated diversity data.xlsx
  • 4.4.a.2 Diversity Proficiencies and Key Assmts.docx

4.4.b Curriculum components and experiences that address diversity proficiencies

  • 4.4.b.1 Diversity Course Elements.docx
  • 4.4.b.2 DiversityStandards.docx

4.4.c Assessment instruments and scoring guides related to candidates meeting diversity proficiencies, including impact on student learning (These assessments may be included in program review documents or the exhibits for Standard 1. Cross reference as appropriate.)

  • 4.4.c DiversityAssessmentInstumentsCrossRef.docx

4.4.d Data table on faculty demographics

  • 4.4.d Faculty Demographics.docx

4.4.e Data table on candidates demographics

  • 4.4.e Candidate Demographics.docx

4.4.f Data table on demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice

  • 4.4.f.1 Placement Demographics.xlsx
  • 4.4.f.2 Diversity of Placements.docx

4.4.g Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty

  • 4.4.g.1 SOE PPP 2014-2015.docx
  • 4.4.g.2 BILING Faculty Recruit Request.docx
  • 4.4.g.3 SPED Faculty Recruit Request .docx

4.4.h Policies and practices, including good faith efforts, for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates

  • 4.4.h.1 Recruiting and retaining diverse candidates .docx
  • 4.4.h.2 Grants Candidate Recruitment.docx

4.4.i Policies, procedures, and practices that support candidates working with P-12 students from diverse groups

  • 4.4.i.1 SupportforTeachingDiverseP-12.docx
  • 4.4.i.2 FieldChecklist.pdf
  • 4.4.j EDAD Professional Dev Plan.pdf
  • 4.4.k EDAD Diverse Settings.docx
  • 4.4.L Faculty Expertise.docx
  • 4.4.m ELD Standard Workshop.docx
  • 4.4.n.1 Newsletter Spring 2014_Part1.pdf
  • 4.4.n.2 Newsletter Spring 2014_Part2.pdf