NCATE Accreditation


5.4 Exhibits for Standard 5
5.4.a Data table on qualifications of professional education faculty

  • 5.4.a Qualifications Tenure Track Faculty.pdf

5.4.b Data table on qualifications of clinical faculty

  • 5.4.b Qualifications of Clinical Faculty.pdf

5.4.c Policies and practices to assure clinical faculty meet unit expectations

  • 5.4.c.1 Clinical Faculty Expectations.docx
  • 5.4.c.2 Clinical Faculty Evaluation.docx
  • 5.4.c.3 Cinical Faculty Support.docx

5.4.d Policies, expectations, and samples of faculty scholarly activities

  • 5.4.d.1 Scholarly Achievement Chart.docx
  • 5.4.d.2 Aschenbrener_SpecialNeeds.pdf
  • 5.4.d.3 Justeson_Mentoring.pdf
  • 5.4.d.4 Oloff-Lewis_ValueAdded .pdf
  • 5.4.d.5 Seipel_ GenderandReading.pdf
  • 5.4.d.6 BercawSummersPayne_Dispositions .pdf

5.4.e Summary of faculty service and collaborative activities in schools and with the professional community

  • 5.4.e.1 Grant Descriptions.docx
  • 5.4.e.2 Ag Education Service in Schools.docx

5.4.f Policies, procedures, and practices for faculty evaluation (including promotion and tenure) and summaries of the results in areas of teaching, scholarship and service

  • 5.4.f.1 CSU Chico FPPP_Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures.pdf
  • 5.4.f.2 RTPCampusCalendar.pdf
  • 5.4.f.3 SOE Personnel Policies.pdf
  • 5.4.f.4 AG Personnel Policies.pdf
  • 5.4.f.5 CMAS Personnel Policies.pdf
  • 5.4.f.6 KINE Personnel Policies.doc
  • 5.4.f.7 PSYC Personnel Policies.pdf
  • 5.4.f.8 Summary Faculty Eval.docx

5.4.g Policies, procedures, and practices for professional development and summaries of the results

  • 5.4.g.1 Prof Dev Policies.docx
  • 5.4.g.2 Prof Dev Support.docx
  • 5.4.g.3 Prof Dev Events.docx
  • 5.4.g.4 Prof Dev Partic Feedback.docx
  • 5.4.g.5 Retreat 2012 Goals and Actions.docx
  • 5.4.g.6 Teachers PD INC.pdf
  • 5.4.g.7 SOE Mentoring Checklist.docx
  • 5.4.h.1 Teaching Best Practices.docx
  • 5.4.h.2 Technology Best Practices.docx
  • 5.4.i Student Eval of Teaching 2012-2013.docx
  • 5.4.j Teaching Awards T-TT Faculty.docx
  • 5.4.k Faculty Teaching Reflection .docx
  • 5.4.l Dossier Outline .doc
  • 5.4.m Performance Assessment Preparation.docx
  • 5.4.n.1 Newsletter Spring 2014_Part1.pdf
  • 5.4.n.2 Newsletter Spring 2014_Part2.pdf
  • 5.4.o Science Methods Modifications.docx
  • 5.4.p Service-Learning Example.doc