Northeast Information Center

GIS Conversion Project

The Northeast Information Center is currently in the midst of a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) conversion program. The goal of this project is to convert location information currently plotted on hard-copy base maps to digital format in ArcGIS. In addition, our database records will be linked to the GIS data, and all site records and reports on file at the center will be scanned so that they can be stored and accessed electronically.

The progress of the NEIC GIS program is tied to availability of funding, usually derived from outside agencies seeking data in a GIS format. Additionally, because of the numbers of maps, records, and reports involved in the conversion program, even with adequate funding, it is anticipated that this project will take several years to complete.

Currently, approximately two-thirds of the NEIC cultural resources base maps and one-half of the NEIC cultural resources investigation reports base maps have been fully digitized. For those areas that have been digitized, records searches are conducted electronically, and customized maps and/or GIS data may be available as part of consultant records search requests. See the CHRIS Electronic Fee Structure (PDF) for applicable fees.

map of chico