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Residence Hall Association and Student Leaders Recognized at Regional Leadership Conference

Date: 03-06-2007

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Sesha Tobiska
University Housing and Food Service

Delegates from the Residence Hall Association (RHA), California State University, Chico, brought back honors from the Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (PACURH) regional conference held in February at Oregon State University.

The RHA serves as the "student voice" to University Housing and Food Service (UHFS). The PACURH annually recognizes excellence and innovation in student leadership. The Chico State National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter (NRHH) was selected to receive the "NRHH Building Block of the Year Award" as the chapter within the region that demonstrated the "most growth and potential during the current academic year."

Additionally, two campus RHA leaders received important individual recognitions from the Pacific affiliate. RHA president Kerri Lopato was selected as Presidential Resource Coordinator for the PACURH Regional Board of Directors for the 2007-2008 academic year. In this role, Lopato will be responsible for training PACURH-affiliated RHA presidents across the region to be more effective residence hall student leaders.

Nathalie Carmichael, RHA vice president, was selected as the regional technology chair for the 2007-2008 academic year. Carmichael will serve as the regional association’s Web manager and will provide technological support for the region.

"UHFS is proud to sponsor these two student leaders in their service on the PACURH Regional Board of Directors as they continue to serve Chico State residence hall students and student colleagues across the Pacific region," said David Stephen, director of University Housing and Food Service.

CSU, Chico also received recognition awards for its December and January programming. In December, the Lassen and Shasta Community AIDS awareness program, "Dance for a Cure," was honored. In January, a program with the University Police Department was recognized, as well as outstanding performance by the local NRHH chapter and by Carmichael as an executive board member.