CSU, Chico News

CSU, Chico Faculty Receive Development, Research and Creative Arts Grants

Date: 04-17-2007

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Katie Milo, Interim
Vice Provost for Research

Faculty awardees of internal research grants were announced last week by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at California State University, Chico. Faculty entered a campuswide competition for either professional development awards or CSU research grants.

The professional development awards were evaluated by the Faculty Research and Support Committee, and the CSU research proposals were evaluated by the Research and Sponsored Programs Research Committee.

"The richness of these research and creative activities demonstrates the varied interests of our faculty," said Katie Milo, interim vice provost for research. "Their work on these projects will enhance their teaching, serve our community and bring positive recognition to our campus."

The faculty recipients are listed below:

Professional Development Awards 2007

Keiko Goto, Biological Sciences, Perspectives on Food Habits, Acculturation and Health among Hmong Women

Stephanie A. Hamel, Communication Arts and Sciences, The Health of Volunteerism in the North State

Aaron Quinn, Journalism, Rehabilitating Journalism

Nanette Wylde, Art and Art History, Stimulating Critical Thinking: Project Completion

CSU Research and Creative Arts Awards 2007

Sara E. Cooper, Humanities & Fine Arts Humor and Post-Revolutionary Cuba: Knowing Cuba, Knowing Cubans

Sergei Fomin, Math, Preparation of the textbook, "Mathematical Modeling of Mass Transport in Complex Media"

Todd J. Greene, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Outcrop Characterization of the Lower Tuscan Formation: Understanding the Aquifer of Butte County

Lynn Marie Houston, English, Mad Cow Disease as Cultural Crisis

Tanya W. Komas, Concrete Industry Management, Historic Concrete Investigations at Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, France

Matthew Looper, Art and Art History, Color Images for "Ancient Maya Dance" Book

Suzanne B. Miller, Communication Arts and Sciences, Errors with practice: Evidence of age-related inefficiency in memory.

Sherrow Pinder, Political Science, Welfare, Workfare, Single Mothers and their Re-entry into the Workplace: Canada and the United States

Lisa Quinn (from Sp.2006), Psychological Counseling and Wellness Ctr., Engaging high-risk youth through cultural preservation

Masami Toku, Art and Art History, Children’s Minds and Society: Tradition and Innovation in Visual Culture

Andrea K. White, Biological Sciences, Investigation of Phosphorus Nutrient Cycling in Soil Bacteria