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Construction Management Faculty Seen as Leaders in Building Information Modeling

Date: 04-23-2007

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Lori Brown, Chair
Construction Management

Construction Management faculty from California State University, Chico recently returned from the 43rd Annual Associated Schools of Construction’s (ASC) International Conference held April 11-14 at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ariz., where they presented work in building information modeling (BIM).

Professor Denny Gier presented his research paper, "Does Learning Building Information Modeling Improve the Plan-Reading Skills of Construction Management Students?" Professor Mike Borzage, who has been involved with BIM for the last four years, provided the historical context.

BIM is a relatively new technology for visualizing and managing construction projects. BIM uses 3D models of a construction project that are linked to a database containing information on the project, such as quantity of material, cost, schedules and specifications. Gier’s research showed that learning BIM had a small, but positive, effect on construction management students’ ability to read and understand construction plans.

Professor Lori Brown, ASC Region 7 director and chair of the Department of Construction Management, "Their paper presentation was one of the most popular of all the sessions. They made all of us very proud to be from Chico and to be in the company of colleagues who are leading the way for BIM educators to follow. Chico shined as academic leaders."

"The size of the attendance at the session was an indicator of the growing interest in BIM as a teaching tool and as a management tool for the construction industry," said Gier.

Another construction management faculty member, Willem Kymmell, is also involved in BIM. He is writing what promises to be a ground-breaking book, "Building Information Modeling: Planning and Managing Construction Projects with 4D CAD and Simulations," said Gier. Kymmell’s book will be published by McGraw-Hill Construction in December 2007.

ASC is a professional association of universities and construction education programs, with the mission of developing and advancing construction education. More than 180 faculty from 30 U.S., British and Australian universities met to present refereed papers on their research work at the ASC conference.

Gier’s paper will be published in the "Proceedings of the 43rd ASC International Conference."