CSU, Chico News

Town Hall Meeting Invites Discussion on Controversial Topics

Date: 04-29-2007

Joe Wills
Public Affairs

California State University, Chico students in a pilot program on civic engagement will
lead a second town hall meeting for campus and community members Wednesday,
May 2, 5:30-8:30 p.m., in the BMU Auditorium.

Chico Mayor Andy Holcombe, Vice Mayor Ann Schwab and CSU, Chico President Paul Zingg are some of the participants planning to attend. The meeting is free, and the public is encouraged to take part.

Following up a successful town hall meeting in December, CSU, Chico students will lead discussions on 28 complex and controversial topics, such as hip hop culture, immigration and labor, youth apathy, child soldiers in Africa, media influences, alternative fuels, underage drinking, and guns and violence.

Participants will be directed to various locations for two different discussion sessions, followed by closing comments by Zingg. Dessert will be served to end the proceedings.

Approximately 110 students from sections of English 130 will be helping to facilitate discussions. About 50 students have contributed visual projects about the topics that will be on display in the BMU Auditorium after the meeting.

The English 130 pilot program focuses students’ thinking and writing skills on democracy, civic responsibilities and personal identity in relation to civic identity. The town hall meeting, one of the oldest democratic practices in American public life, is a culminating experience for the students.

The program is an initiative of CSU, Chico’s First-year Experience Program, which is designed to help first-year students succeed academically and socially, and make a smooth transition to university life.

For more information, contact Professor Thia Wolf, director of the First-year Experience Program, at 898-6579.